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Some Very Happy Customers

Just wanted to drop a line to say… I LOVE the new website. I just completed two orders, and can’t wait to have the fresh scent of a new blend of tea in my cup. I was fortunate enough to stumble into your Black Mountain shop one rainy afternoon, and if your product wasn’t enough to knock me over, your staff was. I would give my eye teeth to remember her name, but the lovely lady was of German descent, I believe, as we discussed having that in common. Anyway, she welcomed my travel weary little group into the shop, and then went out of her way to help educate us in our selections. She absolutely is the reason that I have been waiting for this website to go live! Now when treasuring the memories of our trip, Black Mountain is forever earmarked as “that place with the kind, gracious lady… and amazing teas and spices!” Thank you for making a rainy day bright, and for helping us make selections that we are still savoring!

I love this tea shop! My fiance and I discovered Spice It Up by accident one day and I am so glad we did! I am in love with their Detox Tea- I have ordered it at least 3 times and will order again the next time I run out….there is no other detox tea I have found that comes close to theirs. Everyone in the store I have dealt with has been friendly and helpful. Their teas are delicious and since I’m not from the area, I’m thrilled they are willing to ship things to you. Plus they often give you a sample of something else with your order. I highly recommend this place and wish I lived closer to a Spice It Up store!