Smoky Country Ribs
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Smoky Country Ribs

To get the best flavor from country ribs, we used a dry spice rub at the start of cooking, and ended with a barbecue sauce that we allowed to caramelize. The result: AMAZING! For the rub, we used Spice It Up! Ginger, Citrus and Pepper Rub…
English Muffin with Avocado Tomato and Aleppo
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Avocado and Tomato Sandwich with Aleppo Pepper

Spice It Up! Aleppo Pepper sprinkled on this simple open-faced sandwich brings a smoky, subtle heat.  Sensitive palates don't need to worry-Spice It Up! Aleppo Pepper imparts more flavor than heat.  Spice It Up! Aleppo Pepper will tingle…
Harissa grilled chicken
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Harissa Grilled Chicken

Spice It Up! Harissa is the magic ingredient in this grilled chicken. Harissa is a blend of spices that can vary depending on the region of the world in which it is found. Spice It Up! Harissa blends chili peppers, paprika, cinnamon and…
Spice It Up! Frogmore Stew
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Mediterranean Grilled Swordfish

Spice It Up! Mediterranean Seafood Rub, swordfish and a hot grill are all you need to enjoy a delicious summertime meal. Ingredients like the sea salt, coriander, garlic and lemon pepper in this rub impart a fresh, Mediterranean inspired…
Ribeye with Black Truffle Sea Salt Butter
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Grilled Steak with Black Truffle Sea Salt Butter

As if a beautifully grilled rib eye steak wasn’t decadent enough, we added Spice It Up! Black Truffle Sea Salt to a pat of butter, then melted it luxuriously atop the steak…Wow! You’ll never need to venture out to an expensive steak…