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Tea Smoothie

Ready to Try a Tea Smoothie?

Do you love having a smoothie to start your day, but want that little boost of get-up-and-go your morning cup of tea gives you? Here's the solution - have a Tea Smoothie! A great tea smoothie begins with great tea. Tea has been used

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Sangria tea
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Herbal Tea Sangria

Sangria, a drink traditionally made with wine, fruit, and juice is a refreshing summer treat-part beverage, part fruit salad. For this sangria, we substituted herbal tea for the juice to give it a more complex flavor and to be able to control…
Smoky Country Ribs
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Smoky Country Ribs

To get the best flavor from country ribs, we used a dry spice rub at the start of cooking, and ended with a barbecue sauce that we allowed to caramelize. The result: AMAZING! For the rub, we used Spice It Up! Ginger, Citrus and Pepper Rub…