Tea Smoothie

Making a Tea Smoothie

Do you love having a smoothie to start your day, but want that little boost of get-up-and-go your morning cup of tea gives you? Here’s the solution – have a Tea Smoothie!

A great tea smoothie begins with great tea. Tea has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, for health, and simply for enjoyment. Many varieties are packed with antioxidants, and are linked to health outcomes like lower cholesterol, lower risks for certain cancers, and improved mental function. Check out our Spice It Up! amazing array of teas.

Tea Cup for Tea Smoothie

Smoothies are a relative newcomer to the health game. Fresh vegetables and fruits are blended together, often with protein add-ins like peanut butter, silken tofu, dairy, or chia seeds. Packed with vitamins, fiber and protein, smoothies have become a convenient breakfast, pre-workout drink, and a delicious way to ingest your recommended daily nutrients.

How Do I Add Tea to My Smoothie?

Verrry carefully….Just kidding! To make a tea smoothie, simply brew your tea like you usually do, then allow it to cool before adding to your smoothie. No time to brew, wait, then blend? Brew a larger pot when you have the time, then cool and use an ice cube tray to freeze. When it comes time to make your smoothie, add the tea-cubes instead of ice, for a frosty and delicious tea smoothie.

tea smoothie

How to Choose the Tea

Which tea to add to which smoothie is really a matter of personal taste. Green teas have a relatively mild flavor making them a good place to start. Chai tea pairs well with dairy based smoothies. Herbal teas, particularly fruit flavored ones, can add flavor to a fruit smoothie, especially when you don’t have many fresh fruits on hand. You can experiment with any tea that you like. As for how much tea to add, simply substitute it for any other liquid, using the same measurement.

Some Yummy Combos:

Let us know what combinations you come up with!